Netatmo’s Weather Station Helps You Avoid Frost Bite

IFTTT, an internet service that lets you connect various devices and apps together using a set of triggers and actions, has added one more to the list, and that’s the Netatmo Personal Weather Station.

It is an aluminum cylinder tricked out with WiFi-linked sensors that can tell you all sorts of information about the surrounding air quality, humidity, pressure, temperature, noise levels and even CO2 levels via a mobile app. IFTTT’s integration, however, adds the ability to create personalized alerts. For example, you can set it so that your Philips Hue light glows red if the Netatmo station detects extremely high CO2 levels. Or you can have IFTTT send you a text message to put on a sweater if the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

There are plenty more trigger-action recipes you could come up with of course, or you could just head to IFTTT’s Netatmo channel to see what others have created.

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