Moms Would Simple Love This Device!

Truvolo has manufactured a tracking device for cars that aims to control the freewheeling youth.

With the stated mission of making driving safer and smarter, the company sells a little device that connects to your car’s onboard computer to send alerts when the car surpasses a certain speed, when loved ones reach their destinations and updates on car performance along with any potential problems. In other words, it lets parents spy on their kids and punish them when they go too fast.

Truvulo stands by its security and privacy policies. The device and app do track your location and driving activity, including information about speed and diagnostics. In its privacy policy, the company does say it may share your information with third party service providers who perform marking or other services on [its] behalf as well as disclose your personal information with law enforcement if deemed necessary for an investigation. But again, the company says it’s safe from hackers.

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