Microsoft Unveils A Real Gun!

Within days of Apple replacing the pistol emoji with a squirt-gun, Microsoft has taken a similar way.

Microsoft has replaced its sci-fi toy gun like emoji to a real, very scary revolver. It is apparently a part of a larger Emoji redesign project Microsoft has embarked on, to refresh its collection of emojis with new, real-world designs.

They needed to feel more human, more personal, more expressive. It was time for a significant update, and Microsoft placed a bet on the strength of its Design Language. Microsoft has always emphasized the importance of great customer experiences, hinging on four key design principles: make it simple, universal, personal, and delightful, microsoft stated in a blog post.
It seems the company has set out to stand at the other extreme end of Apple’s philosophical stand, which Apple made clear with its own move to do away with the gun.
As Microsoft is a part of the Unicode consortium that enforces certain emoji standards it is in advantageous position. Each developer can design emojis in their own way and it seems Microsoft thought a real-looking gun would rather make more sense than a playful one.
But the gun emoji isn’t the only that got a makeover at Microsoft. Quite ironically, Microsoft incorporated skin shades in their emojis. On one hand, the company is showing its solidarity with the blacks and single mothers in their quest to create an identity, and on the other, the company is subtly making its stand known in the gun-violence debate raging in the United states. It seems the company wishes to keep both parties happy.

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