Microsoft Slashes Another 3,000 Jobs

A bad new year for the Microsoft employees: The Company has said that it would cut about 3,000 jobs, as part of its already devised plan to reduce its workforce by 18,000, or 14% of total staff, announced in July.

The worse hit is likely to be 18,000 employees who were in the phone handset business Microsoft acquired from Nokia earlier this year.

A Microsoft spokesperson said, the step would complete almost all the 18,000 reductions announced in July. The reductions are spread across many different business units and many different countries.
The spokesperson added that 638 of the cuts were in Microsoft’s home state of Washington, where it has its Redmond headquarters.

The world’s largest software company, will have about 110,000 employees once the job reductions are completed. It took a charge of $1.1 billion in its latest quarterly earnings report for the restructuring and integration of the Nokia phone operation and associated job cuts.

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