Medical Drones Could Replace Ambulances At Saving Lives

Usually when someone suffers from cardiac arrest, it’s like a time bomb starts ticking. The best way to increase survival rate is to get someone a defibrillator-and fast. Ambulances have to deal with red lights. Dronescan fly.
So some Swedish researchers ran some timed trials to see whether drones really could beat ambulances at the life-saving game. As you might expect, the drone always won, and even though the study was preliminary, the results are promising.
The researchers equipped an eight-rotor, 12.5 pound drone with a defibrillator and painted it to look like a little drone ambulance. They set it up in the Norrtalje municipality near Stockholm, since it’s a place with lots of ambulance delays and a heavy summertime population. Then in 18 trials, they sent both an ambulance and a drone to a simulated 911 call back in October of last year.
The reserachers call it 911 in the paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, but Sweden’s actual emergency number is 112 .

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