McDonald’s Unveils With Phone Lockers

In a latest development, McDonald’s has introduced mobile phone lockers, in a bid to get customers to put their phones away, and start talking to each other again.
One of its outlets in Singapore, at Marine Cove, is targeted at families, with the store encouraging both kids and parents to put their phones away. The locker for 100 phones might have been a bit too ambitious. Another initiative, which is also under McDonald’s phone off, fun on campaign, isn’t doing too well either.
This user, who tried out another initiative which aims to get people to stack their phones away in a corner, says they lasted all of five minutes. According to a survey by McDonald’s Singapore which interviewed 302 parents, found 72 percent of children, and 69 percent of parents use their smartphones during mealtimes.
This is not the first time McDonald’s has pioneered such an initiative. It attempted to pull off a similar campaign in India in 2015, urging youths to put down their phones.
Customers had to tweet how long they went offline and what they did during the time.

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