Just Three Minutes For Lazy Girls

UK scientists think that a three-minute workout can make girls fit and healthy.

Researchers claim that three minutes of exercise a week can drastically improve fitness. Scientists at the universities of Nottingham, Birmingham and Bath claim a few 30-second bursts of intense exercise could deliver the same health benefits as slogging it out for hours in a smelly gym.
Scientists have urged to make small changes to your lethargic existence to shave the kilos off and add extra years to your life.

1. Do bicep curls in bed
Till now, there’s absolutely no research to prove that standing up rather than lying down to do bicep curls with cans makes any difference. The bed will support your back muscles while you balance the remote in one hand and weight in the other.
Clearly, the key to this workout is to use lighter weights and do more reps. The exercise would help you to lose 36 calories for each set of 15 reps.
2. Wear a black plastic bag
When jockeys and boxers need to drop weight fast, they exercise in thermal suits specially designed to increase their body temperature and make them perspire. You can make your own thermal suit by wearing black plastic bags under your normal clothes. It helps you to create a warm and humid environment for your body, which makes you sweat buckets. Just watch out for accelerated bacteria growth — what can seem like a harmless spore one morning, could wipe out the entire office by lunch.
3. Take the stairs
Scientists from the University of Roehampton found climbing five flights of stairs five times a week burned an average of 302 calories when they were taken one at a time. But taking two steps with every stride burned 260 calories. The biomechanical explanation could be that taking the stairs one at a time may result in faster rates of muscle shortening, which increases energy turnover.
4. Stand up
Three extra hours on your feet would burn up 144 more calories and get rid of 8lb of fat a year. And no, that doesn’t mean three hours of standing at the bar.
5. Be a fidget
Twitchy people are fitter than sedentary people who go to the gym. Those extra, irritating movements burn 350 calories a day.
The US Mayo Clinic put sensors in 10 obese and 10 slim volunteers’ pants to actually measure how many ants they had. If you want to become a twitcher, you have to learn to do several things at the same time such as, walking up and down while talking on the phone.

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