JioPhones Unlikely To Have WhatsApp

Bad news for those waiting for the Jip phones! Reports have surfaced that Jio was in talks with WhatsApp, the instant messenger which garners over 200 million monthly users from India alone, to create a special version of their app that could be deployed on the JioPhone for users.
In a meeting with the Indian media, Alan Kao, who is a Software Engineer at WhatsApp made it clear that he wasn’t aware of any plans to expand their platforms. It’s pretty much an indirect denial and consumers who had thought that the messaging service would be available on feature phones anytime soon, it seems will have to wait for quite a while before WhatsApp rolls out its tweaked service to feature phones at all.

What’s interesting is that even though the numbers tell that India is one of the biggest markets for WhatsApp, which Kao reiterated when he spoke to the journalists, is leaving out on a phone that is capable of disrupting the entire smartphone-feature phone segment in the market. JioPhone will anyway support its own JioChat app and so Jio might be looking forward to growing that user base.

But this also means that there will be no WhatsApp for HMD Global’s Nokia branded feature phones like the much talked about Nokia 3310which was launched at MWC earlier in the year. HMD Global executives have already stated that the onus is on WhatsApp to develop a version of the service for their platform.

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