Is Wearable Technology Here To Sustain?

wearable tech
A recent study has indicated that Indians are among the fastest in the world among people who adapt to wearable tech, We take a look at what forms of tech are people adapting to…

1. Wearable tech decoded: There are some rather inane and pure aesthetic uses of wearable tech, like the bluetooth dress that lights up when there is a call. Or even the tee shirt that shows a blinking equalizer. Fitness monitors and testing kits that help keep diabetes in check have helped patients keep their illness in check.

2. Usefulness: Wearable tech is fast becoming as a useful, dependable tool. Products that saw such a response earlier were cellphones. And if researchers and market analysts are to be believed, people will adapt to wearable tech faster than they did with cell phones!

3 Preferred gizmos: Fitness aids are a rage and have registered a sharp increase in sales recently. Gadgets incorporated into accessories and even footwear are being used to keep a check on calories burned, the effectiveness of the workout and even to count the number of steps taken. A recent survey found that 80 percent of Gizmo buyers were interested in fitness monitors, 76 percent were interested in smart watches and 74 percent in internet enabled glasses.

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