Is The Ipad Nearing An End?

Are the shrinking sales of iPads and tablets an indication of their end?
Though, tablets are still popular and sales are growing at the rate of 11 percent last quarter, but it’s still a losing battle when tablets were growing at a 60 percent clip, two years back.

Even iPad has been in the doldrums posting a 9 percent sales decline last quarter which was preceded by a 16 percent slump the quarter before that.

Experts say, there are three big roadblocks facing the market that are affecting the demand for tablets and ipads: Smartphones are getting bigger, tablets last a while and businesses aren’t buying them.

Huge demand of Smartphones
Samsung’s popular Galaxy S5 has a 5.1-inch screen. Its Galaxy Note smartphone has a 5.5-inch screen, and Apple is expected to release an iPhone 6 of the same size this fall. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is just 1.5 inches bigger.
The information which we view in the tablets is now available in the mobile phones that are starting to approach the size of a small tablet. Who needs a tablet when you’re already carrying one around in your pocket?
Tablets may continue for a while.

Unlike smartphones, there’s not much incentive to buy a new tablet every two years.
Most people buy unsubsidized, Wi-Fi-only tablets without a contract from their wireless carrier. And there really isn’t that much difference between Apple’s new iPad Air and the original iPad that came out four years ago.

Businesses people aren’t interested
PCs are ubiquitous in corporations, but tablets are harder to come by. Corporate IT departments are generally slow at adopting new technologies, and security remains a concern.

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