Is Nail Polish Really Safe?

Nail Polish
The nail polish which adds to the beauty quotient of women can be harmful.

The idea of nail polish as a risky substance gained traction in 2006 when public health advocates began a nationwide protest concerning three compounds — often referred to as “the toxic trio” — in leading nail polish brands.

Since then, many companies have voluntarily removed these compounds from their products, although, as a 2012 investigation by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control found, some simply changed their labels while continuing to use them.

The concern was that trace amounts of these materials would be absorbed through the skin or nail or that vapors would be inhaled pushing certain groups may be at higher risk.

Children, too, may be particularly susceptible to phthalates like DBP that pose developmental risks, and some pediatricians now warn against letting young girls, especially those young enough to chew on their fingers, wear polish.

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