Intel comes up with wrist-worn drone

Intel Corp has come up with a computer built into a jacket button and a wristband that transforms into a selfie-snapping flying camera. It is being seen by the chipmaker to extend its push into smart wearable gadgets.

Christened as Curie, a new button-sized computer for smart clothes, is due out later in 2015 and includes Bluetooth radio as well as the latest from Intel’s Quark line of low-power chips.

It is to be said, that Intel’s chips so far have not made significant inroads into wearable gadgets such as fitness bands or smart watches.

Intel is also working with Oakley to launch a smart gadget for athletes later this year, Krzanich said. The chipmaker in December announced it was developing smart glasses with Luxottica, which owns the Oakley brand.

Intel was slow to launch chips for smartphones and tablets, and Krzanich, who took over as CEO in 2013, has made it a top priority to avoid repeating that mistake with future computing trends.

The chipmaker found itself in the midst of a controversy, last year over gender equality in the video game industry after it pulled advertising from a gaming website in response to an email campaign.

The move was severely criticized by self-described videogame fans who censured the company about sexism in gaming culture.

A portion of the responses have come in the form of threats of violence on Twitter against the women in the video game industry.

Intel later apologized and resumed advertising on the gaming website.

The CEO Brian Krzanich has also announced a five-year, $300 million investment in math-related education and other programs to help employ more women and minorities in the technology and the video game industries.

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