Instagram Allows User To Save Draft Edits

In a latest development, Instagram has received an interesting update. Users will now be able to save drafts of edits that they make to photos and pick them up later.
Till now, users had to deploy a number of tricks to save an edit, like putting the smartphone on to an airplane mode and then editing and trying to make the post live. This saves the post but does not make it public. With the option to save a draft, Facebook-owned Instagram is finally giving users a reason to cheer.
With the updated feature, if a user has an important engagement to attend to while posting, the image can be saved as a draft with all the filters and picture highlights applied as it is. The app will display a pop up asking you whether you want to save the draft or discard it. The user would be able to pick up the post from where it was left before closing the app.
It is to be mentioned that earlier this month, the platform launched a keyword moderation tool to allow its users to control the comments posted on their pictures. The feature allows its users to list words that they consider offensive or inappropriate and then comments with those words would be hidden from the user’s posts.
Abusive comments and online trolling seen on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been garnering eyeballs as more celebrities deactivate their accounts as a result of the hate they receive online.

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