How To Protect Your Eyes In Summer

The sultry heat becomes unbearable during summers and its important to protect your body, especially eyes, from the hot weather as one may deal with eye problems. While we use sunscreens to protect our skin, let us also not miss to protect our eyes, one of the most important and delicate part of our body. Some of the common eye disorders during the summers are-

1. Eye allergies
Allergic are very common during summer. High temperature and pollution makes people, especially children prone to eye allergies, which can cause itching and redness along with a burning sensation.

2. Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis is another problem during summer. It is characterised by redness of eyes, pricking sensation, discharge and watering in eyes. Immediate treatment is important as it will prevent the spread of infection to other people and worsening of the eye condition.

3. STYEs
Eyelid swelling, redness and pain occurs when a bacterial infection of the eyelids occurs.

4. Dry eyes
Dry eyes syndrome is common during these months due to increased temperatures and rapid tear film evaporation.

5. Exposure to UV radiations,
Our eyes along with the skin are also exposed to excessive UV radiations due to more number of hours spent in the bright sun which can cause dryness.

Measures to keep your eyes safe
1. Wear sun glasses, which are 100% UV protected, when out in the sun.
2. Avoid direct AC hitting to your eyes
3. Restful sleep for six to eight hours helps rejuvenate your eyes in a natural way.
4. Simple eye exercises s also do wonders if problems are detected in early stage.
5. Puffiness of the eyes and redness can be removed by washing eyes with the splash of cold water few times in a day.
6. Relax your eyes with a slice of cucumber on them for a while
7. Introduce foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, carrots, liver, cod liver, nuts in your daily diet.

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