How To Enjoy The Festive Season Without Gaining Weight

Weight Gain
The holiday season is a tough time for weight watchers. After all, there are so many functions to attend, people to meet and buffets to greet. Amidst all these holiday goodies, it can be very difficult to ignore all those extra calories. But follow a few simple tricks to enjoy the holiday season without piling on the kilos.

1. Eat a small meal before you go for a party
Remember to munch on a quick energy bar or a small meal before heading out to a party so that you won’t starve yourself and overeat once you get there.

2. Watch your alcohol intake
Controlling your alcohol intake is tough during the holiday season, but it can prove to be very useful, when it comes to keeping your holiday weight in check. If you must consume alcohol, ensure you sip on water in between to help cut calories. This will also keep you hydrated throughout the night.

3. Don’t skip your regular workout
You might want to shy from your regular workout during the holiday season. But regular exercise will not only balance your extra calories, it will also leave you feeling energetic and confident.

4. Count your treats
You can easily be fooled with miniature finger food and sweets and end up consuming more calories. Remember to count every treat you eat so that you don’t go overboard. Try and set a limit to the food you eat, this way you will choose wisely.

5. Concentrate on other holiday activities
The holiday season includes a number of family dinners and office parties and it becomes very difficult to stick to your regular diet. But you can wisely concentrate on all the other activities around you so that you don’t end up splurging on holiday meals.

“So have a blast during your holiday season without putting extra kilos.”

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