How netizens celebrated Diwali on Facebook

The festival of lights, Diwali is already gone but the social networking giant has shared some interesting data about how netizens around the globe celebrated the festival on Facebook. As per the statistics, globally, 45 million people had 198 million interactions about Diwali between November 7 and November 11. Some 21% of the social network’s India monthly active users had some posts or engagement around Diwali. In fact, the Diwali chatter was not restricted to India. The festival received fair amount of engagement from users in Guyana, Nepal, Singapore and Bhutan too.
Here is the list of top five countries in terms of percent of Monthly Active People (MAP) engaging around Diwali content:
1. India: 21%
2. Guyana: 19%
3. Nepal: 18%
4. Singapore: 14%
5. Bhutan: 10%

The social networking site also released a heat map attached showing the level of conversation around the festival throughout India. The size of each circle represents the number of people engaged in conversation about Diwali. The capital of Tamil Nadu Chennai tops the ‘heat map’, followed by Kolkata, New Delhi, Lucknow and Ahmedabad respectively.
Facebook on its part wished people in India ‘Happy Diwali’ with a personalized greeting at the top of News Feed. The greeting included an illustration and a message from the Facebook team. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg too wished everyone ‘Happy Diwali’ via a post on the social networking website. Zuckerberg also added that he missed being in India for Diwali this year.

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