Homefront: The Revolution’ Available On Consoles and PCs

Homefront: The Revolution, the open world first-person shooter videogame created by Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios is coming soon to consoles and PCs. Moreover, The Homefront successor will be arriving on gaming consoles later today, while the PC gamers would have to wait until tomorrow.

The video game will be available only for Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 consoles but will not support earlier versions. Players can preload the video game for now but would have to wait for some time before they can start playing. The console owners will additionally be receiving a day-one patch as well that is supposed to enhance performance and frame rate improvements.
‘The Homefront: The Revolution’ is set in future, specifically 2029 in the US, which has been invaded by North Korea. Philadelphia, one of the largest US cities is under the Korean People’s Army (KPA) inside the game.
In the game, Philadelphia city is divided in to Red, Yellow and Green zones. The Green zone is the area that is under tight control of KPA, Yellow zone is where most of the population lives, and the Red zone is the suburban area that is basically in ruins and where resistance against KPA is strongest

It is to be mentioned that the video game not only features single-player mode but also has a multi-player mode as well. The upcoming Homefront video game includes four-player cooperative multiplayer mode, which has its own characters, progression and advantages.
For those unaware, Homefront: The Revolution was supposed to launch last year but was postponed to this year as Deep Silver said it wanted to work on the title to give a better experience to gamers.

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