Here’s How To Deal With Tattoo Trouble

Tattoo gone wrong can be quite a nightmare. A spur-of-the-moment decision of getting inked could later make things difficult, because by the time you decide to change it, the ink has already sunk deep into your skin, permanently. And the problem of removing a tattoo is heightened even more because, once done, it is not too easy to get rid of it. Dermatologists say that removing a permanent tattoo is a much bigger and more painful process than getting one. Tattoos once done, can either be overwritten or have to be lightened.

One of the basic mistakes a person makes is to assume that his/her tattoo can be removed completely and he/she will get back the original skin they had. Experts said, Tattoos cannot be removed completely you never get back the earlier skin.
Lasers are used to lighten the tattoo. There is a slight mark or scar that you are left with post the procedure. Multi-coloured tattoos, monochrome ones or simply black inks — the kind of tattoo you have determines the type of laser to be used, the intensity of the beam and also the number of session you need to lighten it properly. Also, the size of your tattoo, determines the level of laser treatment you actually need. Street-side tattoos are very light and superficial and that is why they are also easy to remove with the help of laser.
Experts state that professionally done tattoos have high quality pigments and are deeper into the skin and so, they need many laser sessions, lasting months to lighten. And coloured tattoos are impossible to remove. Every pigment needs a different laser.
When using laser on white pigment tattoos, it might turn it black. So ideally get the procedure done from a professional laser surgeon.

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