Here comes An App For Pranks

Here comes a new app on April Fool’s day, Ownage Pranks. Created by the masterminds behind the popular YouTube series of the same name, the app helps you send pre-recorded prank calls to people you know and lets your listen in on the call as it unfolds.
The app has dozens of pre-recorded calls, many of which are based on the characters from the YouTube series voiced by Russell Johnson, the face of the series. Each call sets up a different scenario, a stranger asking why you’re leaving notes on their door, a random coworker asking if you can cover their shift, and follows a set script with Johnson’s voice guiding the conversation.
The entire thing is automated, but the calls still go much more smoothly than you’d expect (and much better than using a simple soundboard tool.) Ownage Pranks managing partner Ed Hemz says this is partially due to how Johnson has scripted each call.
There’s also a bit of intelligence in the app, which helps the calls run more smoothly. While it does run through a set script, it’s able to detect when the person on the other end is speaking, which helps the conversation seem more natural.
Eventually, Hemz says, they’ll bake in more sophisticated speech recognition so the app will actually be able to tweak responses based on what the other person is actually saying rather than just waiting for silences.

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