Health Benefits Of Celery

Have you ever thought that celery has endless health properties? With 95 per cent of its constituents being water, it is considered to be a powerfood filled with fibre. Here are some of the health benefits of celery:

1. Celery is enriched with blood pressure reducing properties. It relaxes the muscles of the arteries that regulate blood pressure so the vessels dilate. Celery also reduces stress hormones which can cause blood vessels to constrict.

2. It helps you to calm down and gives relief from stress. If you have a celery-based snack in the evening, you will sleep better.

3. Celery fiber is very good for weight loss. You can add it in your salad and soups.

4. Celery helps in digestion due to the high water content combined with insoluble fiber in it helps easy passage of stool.

5. It is also good for your vision. One large stalk of celery can deliver up to 10 per cent of your daily need for Vitamin A.

6. It reduces bad cholesterol. Research shows that just two stalks of celery a day can reduce LDL by up to seven points.

7. Celery is also considered a smart carb. It contains no white sugar or chemicals, and has a high ratio of nutrition as compared to its carbohydrate level.
“So just mix a bit of celery in your food and stay healthy.”

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