Heal Your Neck Pain by Yoga

It has just been a day that the world observed Yoga day. Yoga has several benefits and can also cure pain in the neck.
The neck has large muscles that converge at its back and are attached to the base of the skull. These include the muscles along the spine as well as those along the spine as well as those running along the sides of the neck to base of the head. Neck tension can frequently be caused by:
1. The habit of thrusting the neck forward.
2. Tightness in the shoulders due to tension.
3. Disc herniation
4. Lower back problems
It is important to understand the causes of the neck tension. If it is postural (habit), rectify the posture before getting into therapy. There could be a number of forces at work that can misalign the neck positions.
- If any misalignment is noticed at the neck, the first step is to pull the chin in and back towards the base of the skull. Observe the tension relax along the length of the neck and collarbone.
Adjust the breast bone upward while you drop the shoulder blades into your body.
ASANAS help strengthen the area. These should not be practiced if the area is already injured or is in the process of healing.

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