Happy Marriages Secret Of Healthy Hearts

Happy marriages
Researchers have found that unhappy marriages are linked to thicker carotid arteries and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Thomas Kamarack, professor of psychology at University of Pittsburgh in the US says
growing evidence suggests that the quality and patterns of one’s social relationships may be linked with a variety of health outcomes, including heart disease.

Those in unhappy marital interactions may have an 8.5 percent greater risk of suffering heart attack or stroke than those with a surfeit of good feelings, the findings revealed.
The study was conducted on 281 healthy, employed, middle-aged adults who were married or living with a partner in a marital-like relationship. Their interactions were monitored hourly over the course of four days, with the partners rating their interactions as positive or negative. Carotid artery thickness was also measured. Those partners reporting more negative interactions were found to have thicker carotids.

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