Google’s Unveils Virtual Reality Video Camera

Google has come with the latest ultra-hot 360-video camera space and it’s called the Yi Halo. The Halo is the next-generation Jump camera. Jump is Google’s platform for 360 video cameras. What makes Jump different from consumer 360 cameras like the Samsung Gear 360 are two things. The cameras are aimed at pros or semi-pros, combining several cameras in a circular array so the video actually has depth as opposed to a flat video that looks like it’s painted on the inside of a sphere. It is actually a camera platform, not a camera itself. Google gives guidance on the camera rig and builds the software for syncing and combining the footage from the individual cameras to create the 360 video.
The search giant announced Jump and unveiled the first Jump camera, the GoPro Odyssey, almost two years ago. That one combined 16 GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras in a circular array.
The new Jump similarly has 16 cameras arranged in a circle, but this time out they can shoot at 4K resolution. Plus there’s an extra camera, facing up, for a total of 17. With the cameras, the rig weighs less than eight pounds.
While immediately impressive on its surface, there’s more here than meets the eye. That’s thanks to what Google calls the Jump Assembler the specialty software that stitches the 17 separate video streams together into one seamless 3D video. The stitching process, which in the past required expensive software and was done manually, is now completely automated.
The Halo is some serious tech, and as Da noted it’s primarily intended for commercial use something its $16,999 price tag makes clear But that cost might be OK for many professional creators, who touted the camera’s features and ease of use. Google is rushing to get these cameras into the hands of creators, and is launching a program called Jump Start to make that happen. The program lets filmmakers use a Jump camera for free and also unlimited use of the Jump Assembler. However, you’ll need to apply and wait to hear from Google, and only 100 creators will get the privilege.

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