Google’s Project Tango To Face Reality

Google’s 3D-scanning camera, Project Tango, has graduated from Google’s experimental lab and is on its way to the real world.
How it works?

The scanner began as a concept for a smartphone which would scan the world around it in 3D. It could then make that into a model that could be used for augmented reality or direct people to important things.

The technology has been designed to use for mapping out the dimensions of a home before buying furniture, or giving easy directions around a new building. The search giant says, the 3D-scanning camera could also help visually impaired people by providing assistance for walking around.

The next step would be eventually integrated into games, too, allowing children to play hide and seek with animated characters or changing familiar locations into the sites of other animations.

It has now moved out of Google’s experimental Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division, and into a new home within Google.

The technology could soon find its way into consumer devices. The company is said to be working with LG to make a version of the technology that people can buy ready for release some time this year.

The Project Tango Development Kit allows other engineers to make apps using the technology. That has been used in projects such as Target’s augmented reality app, which scanned shop shelves and covered them in virtual snow. The technology would also help to track people through a combination of advanced computer vision, image processing and specialized sensors.

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