Google’s Project Ara Smartphone To Be Launched By 2015: Sources

Google Ara
Google’s project Ara smartphone could be available at an entry price tag of $50 by early 2015, if sources are to be believed.

The price is said to include the most basic setup with Wi-Fi, but no cellular connection. Additional modules will cost extra. The smartphone will come in three different sizes which will cover everything from a pocket-friendly device to a full-blown phablet.

Project Ara will be built around an endoskeleton which will be supplied by Google. The thickness of a full setup is expected to remain in the ballpark of 10mm.

The smartphone will also likely be visually customizable. ATAP is working with 3D printer tech to allow users to change the look and the materials of their device.

There is a lot of work to be done before Project Ara becomes reality, though is certainly exciting to know that Google is working on it.

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