Google’s New Headquarters To Move Like Toys

The search giant has come out with plans for a new campus headquarters integrating wildlife and sweeping waterways, aiming to make a big statement in Silicon Valley — which is already looking up for ambitious projects from Apple and Facebook.

The design also includes lush public gardens, looping covered bikeways and futuristic-looking buildings that can be moved about like toy blocks.

The redesign by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and London-based Thomas Heatherwick, has already been submitted to local officials with details released on the company’s official blog.

The new development comes as Apple is in the midst of building its “spaceship” campus and Facebook is using renowned architect Frank Gehry for its campus expansion.

Google said its new design is aimed at rethinking office space..
The plan includes constructing immoveable concrete buildings, creating lightweight block-like structures which can be moved around easily.

The plan includes large canopies over the campuses which regulate climate, pollution, and sound, while freeing spaces from traditional architectural limitations like walls, windows and roofs.
Google said it aims to blur the distinction between our buildings and nature.
As per the design, one rendering shows a loop for bicycles and pedestrians going through the centre of one building, connecting with cafes and local shops.
According to media reports, the media reports has, however, raised concerns in the once-sleepy community of Mountain View about being overrun by the technology behemoth.

The arrival of the wealthy tech giants in the region has led to increased congestion as well as an explosion in the area’s real estate prices.

In nearby Cupertino, Apple won approval in 2013 for a shimmering flying-saucer-shaped headquarters after a tax break granted the technology titan was trimmed.

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