Google Unveils New Features For The US Polls

Google is making it easier for you to find information about the upcoming US election.
The company is updating its search so that information about polling places and who is on your ballot will appear directly within search results. Now, when you enter queries, Google will surface relevant results within the search in both Spanish and English.
In both cases, you’ll need to enter your home address where you’re registered to vote in order for the correct results to be displayed. If you’re looking for a polling place, the results will show designated polling places in your area.\
How it works?
For ballot information, the search results will reflect everything from presidential candidates down to local offices like school board positions. From there, you can click into the individual results to find additional information about candidates. Google says it may not be able to turn up results for every single local race nationwide just yet, but the company is working with local secretaries of state and other organizations to add more to the results.
The update is the latest search addition to emphasize voting. The company previously rolled out a similar search feature for helping people register to vote and highlighted the voter registration process in a recent Google Doodle.
Additionally, Google is also making all of its election data available to third-party developers via its Civic Information API, which helps other developers integrate the information into their apps.

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