Google Unveils Home Mini

Google has announced a brand new tiny smart speaker called Google Home Mini at a special media event in San Francisco.The mini smart speaker retails for $49 (the same price as Amazon’s Echo Dot), and it can be hooked up to any traditional speaker system to add an artificially intelligent assistant. The Google Home Mini can also connect wirelessly to any Chromecast Audio compatible speaker, so that you can easily set up a multi-room audio around your house.
The tiny little device isn’t design to play music. Instead, it essentially adds Google Assistant to any speaker and can answer basic queries such as “What’s the weather?” or “What’s the Yankees game score?” The assistant can also run more complicated tasks like “Turn the lights on” or “Turn the temperature to 70 degrees,” so long as you’re using compatible smart home products.
The Google Home Mini comes in three different colors: chalk (white), charcoal (black), and coral (red) and will be available in all seven regions where the original Google Home is already being sold. It’s set to be released Oct. 19 and preorders has already started.

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