Google Unveils All-Electric Flying Cars


Google – Kitty Hawk has launched all electric flying cars and is one of the two companies that are personally funded by the Google Founder Larry Page while the other one is Zee.Aero.
Technological world has indeed running through with the fast pacing of time. According to media report just this Monday, a video footage of the launching of the flying car tagged as the Kitty Hawk was released.
Based on the report stated above, the Kitty Hawk is the historical nod to the Wright Flyer, the first successful plane to ever flew across the Kitty Hawk of North Carolina in 1903.
The company said that it is so easy to use that it does not need a driver’s license but aside the fact that it is being named as car, it was mentioned in the report that it looks similar to that of the hovercycle seen in the movie Star Wars.
At present, there are a lot of companies that is also developing flying cars and that includes some of them which are Lithium Aviation, AeroMobil and PAL-V.
There were neither no price nor date of released that has been announced for the production of this dreamy car but the public is invited by the company to sign up for the “Flyer Discovery Memberships” to be included on the wait list to have at least a $2,000 discount when the final price is announced.

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