Google Tries To Dispel Fears Of Its Glasses

Google Glass
Google has posted an article on Google+ to bust the ten common myths related to Google glasses.

The rumours have been several since the glasses were launched. It ranged from disrupting privacy to spying.
Understanding that the rumours may damage its prospects, the company had also published recently a blog about the etiquettes needed to be followed while wearing the Google Glass in public.

Google takes potshots at urban tales about Glass eyewear to set the record straight that includes an explanation that how the glasses are not a distraction from the real world and are not spying devices.

Google even goes on to talk about how Glass wearers are not technology worshipping geeks and that it doesn’t have a screen covering the user’s eye like the pirate leader of the Jolly Rogers.. There is a marked defensive tone in it, while trying to officially address the concerns of the masses.

The amount of effort the search giant is putting into clearing the air around its latest wearable augmented reality device is noticeable. Google is taking up the issue of educating people to drive away their fears, whilst not going too far overboard.

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