Google Secretly Working on an Amazon Echo Competitor: Reports

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Google is reportedly working on its own personal assistant hub which is ssimilar to Amazon’s Echo.
Echo has grown into a gadget worthy of itsoriginal transformative promise , and Google’s apparently taken note of it.
Sources said, Google is supposedly working on an Echo competitor and has no working name for the product and may never even release it. But the idea makes almost too much sense.
The search giant has the best voice recognition and search capabilities available, which also happens to be the Amazon Echo’s greatest downfall: You can’t perform a simple Google search on the Echo.
Additionally, a lot of the software that would likely go into a Google-powered personal assistant device is already packed into millions and millions of smartphones with Google Now.
The integration with this voice-powered device into other Google services could be incredibly useful. After tapping into Google Maps, it gives you an estimated arrival time and can shoot the directions to your phone as you walk out the door. Yes, I would buy that gadget.
When Amazon announced the Echo in 2014, it felt like a future that wasn’t ready for the big time. But with LG making its own Echo clone this past December, and other high-profile experts saying its the next big platform for the near future, the time for homes operated by Google’s powerful artificial intelligence may finally be here.

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