Google Preparing To Take Computing To Warp Speed

Google has announced a new partnership with researchers at the university of california santa barbara to develop quantum computing technology.

The science behind quantum computing is highly technical and still very complicated. In laymen terms, quantum computers make use of quantum bits, or qubits, to process information, as opposed to the binary system of ones and zeros used by traditional computer processors.

Scientists say qubits can behave like ones or zeros, or both. It should make quantum computers exponentially faster than digital computers that use a binary system to process information.

China is currently home to the world’s fastest computer. Thetianhe-2 supercomputer is capable of nearly 55 quadrillion of calculations per second. A quantum computer could make that look like a snail.

The search giant and ucsb say they will form a quantum artificial intelligence team, which will continue to lay the groundwork for quantum computing.

Google has already been working with scientists at d-wave systems on a quantum computer system. D-wave is developing what some call the first commercially viable quantum computer, the vesuvius. It is also working with nasa on a 1,000 qubit washington processor.

The company has been branching out into emerging technologies, from self-driving cars and wearable devices to drones and satellites, as it looks for growth opportunities beyond its market-leading search business.

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