Google Planning To Invest In New Subsea Cable: Sources

Google Inc is mulling an investment in a new cable across the Pacific Ocean, revealed sources familiar with the matter.

The internet search company would use the new subsea cable to connect data centers in Oregon and Japan, the sources added.

Private networks are commonly used for home, office and businesses, as they security-proof and cannot be accessed by devices outside the network. Moreover, anybody can access and or connect to other networks or the internet through it.

The latest move comes as technology companies send an increasing amount of traffic across private networks. In 2010, the search giant took a stake in a similar $300 million cable.

A lot of Google’s bandwidth is reserved for its private ‘B4′ network, which transmits emails, YouTube videos among other data.. The network carries more traffic than the public-facing one the company uses to transmit search results to the internet.

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