Google Now Cards Available To PC, Mac Users

Google Now
Good news for the users of Google Now. The service is now available to PC and Mac users. Google was testing integration of Google Now, which claims to give Android and iOS users relevant information at the right time. It also shows cards with real-time information on weather or cricket score.

The services works like this: if you are using a computer in your office, it is likely that you will have the smartphone with you and hence it will be useful to you if you get a Google Now card on the Chrome browser at 6.30pm, telling you the best way back to home so that you don’t run into a traffic jam. Google Now is likely to give you a notification some time before the meeting, telling you the best way to reach the meeting venue.

Google Now uses location information on a smartphone to serve relevant information. For PC and Mac users, the location information will be determined through a user’s smartphone. Google Now shows information on traffic, local weather, news items and stocks that may interest you and sports scores. It also provides timely notifications. Google says that on PC and Mac even if Chrome browser is turned on, it will periodically check for the location of your smartphone in order to continue showing you relevant Now cards.

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