Google Mulling To Buy Skybox Imaging For $1 Billion

skybox imaging
Google is reportedly in talks to buy satellite company Skybox Imaging for about $1 billion, if reports are to be believed.

Skybox Imaging builds satellites and deploys data centers and also records and provides access to detailed imagery and high-definition video of landscapes.

The deal would help Google to use the company’s high-quality, real-time photos and videos to improve its Google Maps and Google Earth offerings.

Meanwhile, the search giant may also see this potential acquisition as a way to bring internet to the two-thirds of the population who don’t have it. Google has already announced Project Loon, a network of balloons to beam internet access. The company has bought Titan Aerospace, a company that makes high-flying solar powered drones.

It seems that Google aims to expand the reach of its service through drones, balloons, and satellites as a means of beaming internet connections around the world.

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