Google Maps’ To Help You Find Solace

Google Naps
Anything is possible in the age of technology. Now, Google maps would help you to find a place to have a quick nap after you are tired of shopping on a lazy day or client meeting.

Created by a group of Dutch developers, the facility gives you choices like open fields, beds and benches in the park outside office or home where you can sleep to shake off your tiredness.

The parody map, called ‘Google Naps’, uses Google Maps and its Pegman to plot good ‘dozing’ spots.To view a napping spot, click the Pegman. A pop-up box would tell why the location is a good place for dozing off. Fields are indicated by a Pegman lying on a green rectangle. Benches are depicted by a Pegman sat on a seat, while a Pegman under the covers indicates the napping spot that features a bed.

Anyone can add a napping spot by clicking on the location and filling in the required details, said media reports.
The parody site is created by Amsterdam-based creative agency Venour.

It’s no surprise that the service has been a huge hit within days of its launching. After all, who doesn’t wants a few moments of peace from the hustle and bustle of the world.

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