Google Maps Gets A Makeover For April Fool’s Day

Google has pulled off a slightly nicer gag over on Google Maps. Users who visit Google Maps in their browser will notice the littleStreet View man (nicknamed Pegman) is dressed up like a ’70s disco dancer, complete with an afro, beard, and a jazzy purple suit. A visit funky town button will also appear in the browser window, directing the user to open the Google Maps app on their phone.
If you open the app and hit the Funky Town button once again, you’re treated to a short dance number by pegman himself.
To mark the occasion, the name of the Maps Twitter account has been changed to Groovy Maps, for one day only. Google Maps is often the platform for the company’s best April Fools’ jokes.
It is to be noted that last year, they turned Google Maps into a giant Pac-Man game, letting users avoid ghosts while making their way around the maze of city streets.
It’s a nice little addition which could make your day’s navigation a little more fun. At the very least, it didn’t cost you your job, as the ill-advised Gmail prank did to one unlucky user. The search giant has since apologised for their email prank, and disabled it just hours after it went live.

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