Google Life Sciences Division Is Now Verily

In a new development, Alphabet Inc., the newly founded parent company of Google, just added a new name to its portfoli Verily. It is to be noted that this Google[x] spinoff used to be the experimental lab’s life sciences division. Now, it’s Alphabet’s first new company and a creative use of the letter “V.”
The company official said, Verily would pursue wonderfully futuristic projects like the much-anticipated smart contact lenses and the mysterious blood-sucking smartwatch.
The company’s spokeswoman Jacquelyn Miller said that Verily is the life sciences team that graduated from their original home in Google[x] to become an independent company back in August, under Alphabet. CEO Andy Conrad will continue to lead the team, reporting to a board made up of representatives from Alphabet and Verily.
Verily has a team of doctors, engineers, chemists and technologists working on promoting good health and preventing disease such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Its head of engineering is Linus Upson, a Google veteran who helped develop the Chrome browser.

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