Google Launches Colourful Weather Cards

Google has officially started rolling out new weather cards which offer vibrant and detailed information of the weather conditions. Earlier this month, the company was testing the colourful weather cards in the Google Now and search. However, the search giant has not yet divulged details as to when these cards will be rolled out to all the users.
About its features, the new colourful cards will incorporate new information like hourly sky conditions, chances of rain, detailed weather forecast, UV index, weather alerts, sunrise, sunset and many others. The cards will also highlight the weather conditions of today along with the tomorrow and next ten days in the three tabs. Moreover, the user will also be able to save their favourite locations by tapping on the weather result and searching for a new location and selecting ‘Add’. Users will also be able to see the results of the selected locations in the drop down search menu. The background image will also change based on the weather conditions and features like fog will have a cartoonish flair to it.
The search giant has also recently revealed that it has sidelined more than 780 million ads deemed rude, dishonest or dangerous in 2015 in a leap from the 524 million targeted a year earlier. Google vowed to ramp the war on bad online ads this year along. It also said it will increase defenses against malicious software and computer networks known as bots programmed to automatically click online ads to drive up revenue from pay-per-click marketing messages.

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