Google Home Is A Voice-Controlled Telephone

Google has announced hands-free calling for its Google Home smart speaker back in May, and now the feature is finally rolling out to users in the U.S. and Canada.
With a simple OK Google, call… voice command, you can immediately phone millions of businesses and personal contacts for free over Wi-Fi. If you’re still clinging onto your landline, you might as well throw it out right now.
More than just hands-free calling, the feature leverages the power of Home’s built-in Google Assistant, which can identify individual voices so it knows when you or someone else like significant other is making a call request.
For example, if you say OK Google, call my mom, the assistant will understand that you want to call your mom and not your partner’s. It’s pretty smart and really demonstrates how powerful Google’s artificial intelligence is.
Similarly, you don’t even need to have a specific business’s phone number saved in your Google Contacts for hands-free calling to work. You could say OK Google, call the nearest pizzeria and it’ll use your location to figure it out.
The search giant says people receiving calls from Home will see unknown or no caller id show up. But they’re working to get your connected phone number to display by the end of the year. If you use Google Voice or you can opt-in to display your number within the Google Home app.

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