Google Glasses To Become Wearable

The Google glass users would definitely agree at one point: The Glass doesn’t do any favour to the face. It even looks ugly, according to some users.

Almost 10% of people who know what Google Glass is wouldn’t use one because of how it looks, according to Glass Almanac.

But here is some good news.
Thankfully Google Glass’s are set for a change with future iterations, and a newly uncovered patent may hint at exactly how.

US patent D710,928S — granted to Google design and prototyping engineer Mitchell Heinrich on August 12 — portrays a significantly less conspicuous Google Glass that comes up with an internally mounted display instead of the bulky projector found on current models.

The frames illustrated in the patent look more or less like an designormal pair of eye glasses, albeit thick enough to fit the hardware inside.

The search giant also feels that having Google Glass display information and notifications directly on the headset’s lenses instead of having a projection floating in front of users’ eyes could improve image quality, as well, though it might be more obtrusive to users’ vision.

There are concerns that Google Glass users could film other secretly without their subjects even knowing they’re wearing it.

The changes are , however, different from Heinrich’s first Glass-related patent, and it’s obvious that work on a next-gen Google Glass is well underway. It seems to me a matter of time before we see a version of Google’s flagship wearable that isn’t unbearable but more fashionable to the eyes.

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