Google Glass Will Help You To Speak Better

Do you to improve your public speaking skills? Take the help of Google Glass! Sounds crazy, isn’t

Researchers have developed a new system that uses Google Glass to provide real-time feedback to the speaker on volume modulation and speaking rate.
How it works?

Smart glasses installed with the intelligent user interface called Rhema can record a speech, transmit the audio to a server to automatically analyse the volume and speaking rate, and then present the data to the speaker in real time.

The feedback than allows a speaker to adjust the volume and speaking rate or continue as before. Researchers at University of Rochester explained that providing feedback in real-time during a speech presents some challenges.

Researchers said, the challenge is to keep the speakers informed about their speaking performance without distracting them from their speech.

A significant enough distraction can introduce unnatural behaviours, such as stuttering or awkward pausing. Secondly, the head mounted display is positioned near the eye, which might cause inadvertent attention shifts.
To overcome the problem, they tested the system with a group of 30 native English speakers using Google Glasses. They evaluated different options of delivering the feedback.

They experimented with using different colours words and graphs, and no feedback at all.

They also tried having a continuous slowly changing display and a sparse feedback system, by which the speaker sees nothing on the glasses for most of the time and then just sees feedback for a few seconds.
The researchers also highlighted that the users, overall, felt it helped them improve their delivery compared to the users who received continuous feedback and no feedback at all.

However, there was no statistically significant difference among the three groups on eye contact, use of filler words, being distracted, and appearing stiff.

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