Google Glass to soon face a new competitor

Google glasses which has been already in headlines for various reasons ranging from their services offered to the defects is soon to get a new competitor.

Sources said, San Francisco-based Osterhout Design Group (ODG) is set to roll out a consumer-friendly version this year. Till now, the company develops heavy-duty smart glasses for the military,

The reality glasses expected to cost around $1,000, it can display high-definition video, record video and lay visuals over the real world.

These would help to track your head movement so you can be placed into a 3D picture or video feed like you would with a pair of virtual reality goggles.

How the glasses works.

ODG’s glasses are equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a global navigation satellite system and sensors for figuring out where you are looking.

The operating system that ODG uses is a modified version of Android.

The life of a battery can range from an hour or two to nearly all day on a single charge.
ODG will soon release its own developer kit for third-party players to start building applications for the glasses.

The most recent version of ODG’s smart glasses released last year are bulkier and more rugged to fit with military equipment specification.

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