Google Glass Not Safe On Wheels: Study

Mulling to buy google glasses? Just wait a moment. A new research has revealed that like a smartphone, google glass too distracts drivers when texting while driving.

Researchers at university of central florida further found that texting glass users outperformed smartphone users when regaining control of their vehicles after a traffic incident.

Researcher ben sawyer said that they hope that glass points the way to technology that can help deliver information with negligible risk. The emergence of glass and competitors has been leading several states to consider ban to wearing glasses during driving.

Sawyer further said, that while glass-using drivers demonstrated some areas of improved performance in recovering from the brake event, the device did not improve their response to the event itself.

He continued that for every measure they recorded, messaging with either device negatively impacted driving performance and compared to those just driving, multitaskers reacted more slowly, preserved less headway during the brake event, and subsequently adopted greater following distances.

While glass gives drivers the option of using head movements and voice commands to view and respond to text messages, but still avoiding clumsy thumbs, texting with the technology still causes distraction.

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