Google Flights To Offer You Better Airfare

Google is now making it easier to know when prices will change so you can get a better deal on airfare as the company is updating its airline search tool with new features that predict fare changes and notify you about price changes for flights you’re interested in. The new features are rolling out to the Google Flights website soon. Once they do, the site will let you know how long until the current fare is expected to change when you’re browsing specific flights. The feature, which uses uses historical flight data to make its predictions, should make surprise price increases at least a little easier to avoid.
For cases when you don’t yet have a specific flight in mind, the service will also now provide tips for specific routes.
Tips can include things like recommendations for alternate airports or dates. People can also see a new tip telling you about an expected price jump based on historic prices for that route.
Though Google’s flight-tracking service lacks a standalone mobile app, the company is making its mobile site a little easier to use with the ability to keep tabs on saved flights.

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