Google Faces $5 Billion Fine In India

The giant search engine is facing a $ 5 billion( roughly Rs 30,600 crores) penalty after being accused of violating antitrust laws by an Indian commission.

The Competition Commission of India began to research Google’s practices in the region after a local wedding website and the Consumer Unity and Trust Society advocacy group began to complain about Big G.

If the Commission’s findings are proved authentic, than Google could be in serious trouble. They could also be forced to change the way that they operate in India. The tech giant may have to break up its operations into smaller companies in the region.

The company is no stranger to controversies. They were involved in a similar case with the EU, but managed to settle for much less than $5 Billion.

Google said it is extending full cooperation to the CCI in its investigation. The conclusion of a two-year review by the US antitrust watchdog has concluded that the company’s services were good for competition, it added.

The case has been before the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for over two years now, and it relates to allegations that Google is abusing its dominant position in the Internet search engine space.

Google could be slapped with penalty of up to 10 percent of its three-year annual average turnover which amounts to a staggering $49.3 billion (roughly Rs. 300,730 crores) and the maximum penalty can be up to nearly $5 billion.

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