Google Doodle Marks Beginning Of Christmas Holiday Season

The Christmas holidays have began and Google has got drenched into an artistic mood to mark the festive season by showcasing papercraft models and cut outs Doodle. On rolling the mouse over the doodle, ‘Tis the season!’ is the message that we get.
The Google doodle has been created by artist Robinson Wood by seeking inspiration from papercraft models and cut outs which originated somewhere in the year 1440.
The doodle is visible on Google homepages in most of the countries across the globe. It appears that we might get to see a new doodle everyday from Google in a manner we’ve seen earlier. On December 23 last year, Google’s Christmas doodle showcased a reindeer-driven sleigh with three child passengers and an adult driver. So stay tuned to know what next Google would be sharing with us ‘Tis the season’!

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