Google Does Tango

Google tango
Google’s new Project Tango is a limited-run experimental phone that’ll be handed out to 200 lucky developers next month.

Project Tango comes out of the Advanced Technology and Projects group, the one part of Motorola that Google isn’t selling to Lenovo.

Project Tango is a five-inch phone, but what sets it apart is its unique visual processing chipset. Developed by the startup Movidius, the Myriad 1 is the first implementation of the company’s homegrown visual processing technology. The hardware is entirely proprietary, from the silicon layout, to the instruction set, to the software platform built on top.

Project Tango is a mobile device that understands space and motion using custom hardware and software, which simultaneously taking that information and using it to create 3D maps.
To do this, the device’s sensors captures and processes position but it’s not clear from the outset what the sensors are, Project Tango will also have a Kinect-like depth camera, or at the very least, some intelligent way of processing depth data. This data will be available via API which’ll pull it into Android platform apps.

The first run of 200 Project Tango dev kits will be, as their name implies, for developers only.

“Be ready for the tango.”

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