Google Creating Vault To Store All Human Knowledge

Google is building the largest store of information in human history. It is a knowledge base that autonomously gathers and merges data from across the web to provide unprecedented access to all facts about the world.

Billed as Knowledge Vault, it is a type of knowledge base that stores information so that machines as well as people can read it.

The company’s existing knowledge base, called Knowledge Graph, relies on crowd sourcing to expand its information. However, humans could only take it so far, so Google decided to automate the process.

It started building the Vault by using an algorithm to automatically pull in information from all over the web, using machine learning to turn the raw data into usable pieces of knowledge.

It has pulled in 1.6 billion facts to date. Of these, 271 million are rated as ‘confident facts’, to which Google’s model ascribes a more than 90% chance of being true.

Tom Austin, a technology analyst at Gartner in Boston, said that the world’s biggest technology companies are racing to build similar vaults.

Austin said, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM are all building them, and they’re tackling these enormous problems that we would never even have thought of trying 10 years ago.

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