Google Chrome Now Allows You To Mute Annoying Videos

Google Chrome just made surfing the web way less annoying. Chrome developers has announced that the newest Chrome update, Chrome 64 Beta, will allow you to mute annoying autoplay videos. This is one of several features intended to help users circumvent obnoxious advertisements in the new update. To use the feature, click the green lock icon next to the url on the page you’re trying to mute. In the drop-down menu next to the sound icon, select always block on this site.
After that, never again will that website blast music or voiced from annoying ads when it’s not welcome.
The feature is one of many features included in the new Chrome release intended to make web browsing a safer place, despite certain kinds of intrusive advertising. The browser now comes with a built-in pop-up blocker for websites that make close buttons on pop-ups hard to find. And because of a number of new developer tools and APIs, it’s now much more difficult for malicious sites to redirect you to other sites, even if they don’t employ pop-ups.
Google also released a tool for developers to check whether any of their sites’ practices will be blocked by the new features.

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